New Dismissal Procedures….

New Dismissal Procedures:

In order to maintain the highest level of safety for our students, a team of HES staff members gathered to review current dismissal procedures. The team decided to make a few changes. Some actions that have been implemented since Wednesday, August 7 are:

The order in which groups of students are dismissed (YMCA, Carpoolers/Walkers then Buses). YMCA counselors have been picking up K/1 students from their classrooms and walking them to the cafeteria.

Further procedures that will be implemented on August 27 are:

All students will have a tag on their backpacks (orange tag/YMCA, green tag/carpool, blue tags/daycare)

Once YMCA and carpool students are in their designated area…

K/1 bus students will be accompanied by their teacher to the media center. K/1 teachers will walk their students to the bus.

There will be a teacher stationed at certain exterior doors (end of the main hall, main hall by the cafeteria, end of the ⅔ hallway and in the from of the ⅔ hallway.

This is a friendly reminder of old procedures that are still applicable:

If you do not have a HES carpool tag, you will need to sign your child out at the office.

Please keep your carpool number visible through the loading area. Staff will be asking to see the carpool tag/number.

We have communicated with the students that once they leave the classroom at the end of the day, they will not be allowed to return to retrieve any items left behind. Please be patient as we implement these new safety procedures.

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