Afternoon Carpool Procedures
As you arrive, form 2 lanes through the bus loop and stop at the back gate in front of the soccer filed. (lanes 1 & 2)
Once the bus loop is full, two more lanes will form (3 & 4) on the access road to the left.

When students are dismissed from the building – lines 1 & 2 will proceed together to the concrete pad by the basketball court. From there, line 1 will be released single file. Please Make sure you stay to the left-hand side off the road while you are traveling.
Stop at the last trailer for child pick up.

Once line 3 has been released, we will start refilling lines 3 & 4 only. The bus loop will not be refilled. After all cars are loaded, proceed forward to the gate at the edge of the parking lot. Please watch the staff member located there for instructions on when to exit. You will need to proceed carefully to the left of any buses that are loading.

***If your child isn’t ready when you reach the loading area, please pull ahead to the waiting area on the grass of the K/1 wing and a HES staff member will assist you.