End of 5th Grade Celebration

June 2 (Track 1)
June 24 (Tracks 2, 3, & 4)

Clap-Out in the Halls of HES

The clap out will begin at 2:15pm (lining up at 2pm)
All classrooms at HES will line the halls and give our 5th Graders a round of applause while they walk the school one last time – as we say goodbye!
(Parents and siblings are invited to join us for this event)

You’ve gained a lot of knowledge
and have changed from day to day.
We hope all the things you’ve learned at HES
will help you pave your way.
Can’t believe our end is near
We hate to say goodbye
Good luck to you in middle school …
Spread your wings and fly.
But hang on to the memories of all the things we did,
most of all remember,
You’re a very special kid!