Teacher/Staff Favorites

Our Teachers and Staff are very important to us!
During the year, the PTA likes to show our appreciation for all that they do through little treats and surprises.
Sometimes parents would like to do the same and ask us for suggestions, so we’ve complied a list for your convenience.

Handwritten notes that your child brings – is the most cherished favorite thing –
but here is a list of some others…

A “Favorite Things” notebook is also available to look at in the PTA office.

*Each member of the HES team was given a “Favorite Things” questionnaire at the beginning of the year,
below you will find the ones that were returned and put on file.


Michelle Schlegel
Danielle Humphries (Teacher Assistant)


Track 1
Kim Dryden
Connie Brabec (Teacher Assistant)

Pamela Marks
Michelle Fritts (Teacher Assistant)

Track 2
Stacy Gordon
Carolyn Fogg (Teacher Assistant)

Track 3
Ginny Poulsen
Marilyn Foley-Moore (Teacher Assistant)

Track 4
Melinda Keen
Pat McClaugherty (Teacher Assistant) 

First Grade:

Track 1
Bonnie Hogge
Sharon Fox (Teacher Assistant)

Christina Merritt
Emily Droke (Teacher Assistant)

Track 2
Sue Zeblo
Elizabeth Tippette (Teacher Assistant)

Kathryn Hacker
Alicia Rothman (Teacher Assistant)

Track 3
Jacqueline Keyes
Kim Lye (Teacher Assistant)

Track 4
Melissa John
Susan Aldridge (Teacher Assistant)

Second Grade:

Track 1
Jennifer Gracias
Lyndsey Mokhiber

Track 2
Heather Collins
Karen Powell

Track 3
Beth Zelenak

Track 4
Alicia Michel

Third Grade:

Track 1
Tricia Alford
Carri Kudla

Track 2
Jodie Perret-Gentil
Shelly Gilliam

Track 3
Tammy Reid

Track 4
Shelly Compton
Crystal Covington

Fourth Grade:

Track 1
Jacklyn Obiedzenski
Michelle Murphy

Track 2
Michelle Fitzpatrick

Track 3
Kelly Mayer

Track 4
Debra May
Angela Ellenberger

Fifth Grade:

Track 1
Maggie Langdon
Joanne Galofaro

Track 2
Christina Overby

Track 3
Jojuana Long

Track 4
Tammy Bunn
Rebecca Townsley

Special Programs

Nadine Howell
Kelly Stout (Teacher Assistant)

Drew Belois
Amanda Young (Teacher Assistant)


Barina Bailey (Music)
Emily Weisz (Art)
Tyler Brodnick (PE)
Melissa Austin (Science)
Kelly Hylton (Technology)
Kim Davis (Technology Facilitator)
Cindy Drew (Media)
Kendra Meese (Guidance)

Support Staff:

Dawn Pentoney (Spec Ed-CCR)
Abby Lutz (Spec Ed-CCR)
Kathryn Lineberry (Spec Ed-CCR)
Amy Harrison (TA-CCR)
Wendee Kirkley (Speech)
Sharon Blinson (Speech – Pre K)

Betsy Moore (Instructional Resource)
Katie Lobue (Literacy / Intervention)
Mary Ryan Smith (ESL / Intervention)
Liz Morley ( Intervention)
Elizabeth Hartel (AIG)
Janine Francher (Read To Achieve)
April Lipscomb (Read to Achieve)


Jennifer Abraham (Principal)
Monica Crews (Ast. Principal)

Support Services:
Mandy Parker (Psychologist)
Melanie Spainhour (Social Work)
Stacey Helmandollar (Nurse)
Cassie Hillman (OT)

Cafeteria / Custodial:

Kelley Eakes (Cafe Manager)
Zekiya Yusuf (Cafe Staff)
Precious Caudle (Cafe Staff)
Patricia Carducci (Cafe Staff)
Jose Balbuena (Custodian)
“Mr. Kirk” Bagwell (Area Maintenance)

Office Staff:

Jacqueline Meduri (Receptionist)
Dorothy Tharrington (Receptionist)
Debra Poole (Secretary)
Anna Blackmer (Data Manager)

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